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Some More Humble Sugestions for New Items.
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Dec 19, 2010
12:30 PM
My resent order had some of your excellent wooden boxes in N scale and they are great, as usual! I'm going to use them with my 10mm ACW troops from the other guys. The new Sci-fi units are also quite good! One of my sugesstions is to take what you have in N scale and scale it down to 1/285. The need for trucks and cars in this scale is just crying for someone to fill it! The same for loads and supplies is also great! Add some gas & water cans, wooden barrels, tarps, POL barrels, card board boxes, and blanket bundles to the mix and they will come banging to your door to get them! Re-issue the XM1 tank, this time in the Sci-fi line, and again they come banging at your door to get it! By the way, it would not hurt to make some the new stuff above in N scale also, since there is a great need for them in that scale too. Just ask the Model RR folks on this one. In All scales we need stuff to detail with! It's the details that make a great scene go from that to terrific. And, you start hearing comments like "Whow, where did you get those details and where can I get some?"

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