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Axis & Allies Tank Set

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We have chosen 5 of our 1/285 vehicles as upgrades for the Axis & Allies game.

United States:  Early model Sherman M4M34 with VVSS (vertical volute) suspension and 75mm gun (US-5).

Great Britain:  Matilda III infantry tank.  Distinctively British-skirted cast hull with 2 pdr. Gun (UK-48).

Japan:  Type 97 Chi-Ha.  Decent medium tank at start of WWII (J-3).

Germany:  PzKw IV E.  Last short barreled 7.5cm gun tank.  Classic German look of the main medium tank of WWII (G-84).

Russia:  T34/76A.  The first T-34 medium tank that surprised the germans.  Very effective sloped armour, 76mm gun and robust suspension that has influenced tank design to the present day (R-12).

Packed in plastic boxes with foam.  One box of ten (10) for each country. 

Normal retail of $70.17

For the 20th Anniversary of Axis & Allies our price will be $35.00 plus shipping.

Assembly and painting tips to follow at www.pfc-cinc.com