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1/4800 Ship painting
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Oct 12, 2005
11:51 AM
Anyone here have information at to what colors I should paint my Royal Navy and Kreigsmarine ships? Any sites Perhaps? Pics or drawings?? LOL. Robert
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Oct 12, 2005
1:43 PM
Check out www.alnavco.com. They have many painting suggestions for 1200 scale..... One clearly requires better eyes than my old ones, that's for sure. Also try naval-art.com, they have lots of, well, naval art....

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17 posts
Oct 13, 2005
11:18 AM
Thanks Ill have to check them out. Thank god Im getting new glasses soon LOL. I just dont want to paint them all a uniform grey :( LOL. Robert
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Oct 14, 2005
5:26 AM
Glad you're getting new glasses. Have you one of those fixed magnifying glasses on a stand to view these- and rock stteady hand eye coordination as well? I suspect that you'll end up painting them a uniform grey and then just highlighting turrets and stuff. I haven't even tried to paint mine and I would really like to hear (or even see) how they turn out.
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Oct 16, 2005
1:03 PM
Yes do have the magnifying Lens with the alligator clips for holding. I found one at a liqiudation store for 3 dollars :). Ill see about the steady hand soon LOL. And you are right probably just uniform grey with hightlights :).

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