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1/4800 Yahoo Group!!
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Dec 03, 2005
3:28 PM
Hey all!! I thought i would post this as a new subject. I just started a new Yahoo Group for 1/4800th Naval minis.This Group is for those of us who like to use 1/4800th scale Naval miniatures for wargaming all eras. Please feel free to post rules,pictures of ships and any other info to help play battles with this great scale! Thanks.

40 posts
Dec 04, 2005
3:40 PM
--GROAN-- Yet another Yahoo group I just HAVE to join. Thanks a bunch, Kaoschallenged!
M. Rixosa
24 posts
Dec 04, 2005
5:11 PM
Sorry there lol!! Im hoping to get some more interest in the 1/4800th sale. Perhaps CinC will notice and perhaps produce some more types :). Im fleshing out the group with information free rules and links . Robert
25 posts
Dec 08, 2005
10:15 PM
Well so far so good :). The Group is starting out fine. C'mon you other gamers check it out!! LOL. Robert
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Dec 15, 2005
11:28 AM
I feel the same way!! LOL. I think there is an interest in this scale and hopefully more will be forthcoming. One of the reasons I started my Yahoo Group LOL .
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Dec 18, 2005
10:33 PM
I wanted to thank you for joining the group. I hope you all have a great Christmas!! Robert
28 posts
Jan 03, 2006
8:25 PM
Well I have now posted some pics of both the CinC and M.Y. Miniatures ships in the group. If you are members they are in the files section. If not I hope you join up :). Robert
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Jan 10, 2006
10:21 PM
Hey everyone. I just created a sister group to my 1/4800th scale group. Its for 1/3000th scale ships and wargaming. Heres the link if you are interested :).

47 posts
Jan 21, 2006
5:35 PM
Thanks to KC for starting the 4800 group. It just about convinced me to drop 2400 and go 4800. Until Randy picks it up I'll fill in with Mic's ships. Lots of lively talk on the group.
M. Rixosa
30 posts
Jan 21, 2006
11:31 PM
Thanks M! Im glad I started it too :). Im gonna order 2 more sets from CinC and fill in my other navies from Mick. I just need 2 more of the Royal Navy sets and one of the Kreigsmarine and Ill have them all from CinC. Ill be posting more pics soon in the Group BTW. Robert
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Jan 26, 2006
1:34 PM
Well I just sent in an order for 3 more sets of ships. That should be all I need for right now. Now all I can do is wait and see if anymore might be made ;). Robert
35 posts
Nov 26, 2006
2:05 PM
Just wanted to bump this up LOL. The Group is doing quite well so far :). Robert
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Jan 15, 2007
9:41 PM
So where have YOU guys been? ??

Note our "1/4800s -- Need New Sets!" thread above, with suggested ships in sets.

Lou Coatney

http://LCoat.tripod.com (incl. cardstock model ship plans at something necessarily larger than 1/2400!)

And author of "Naval Action" rules.
36 posts
Jan 21, 2007
1:36 PM
I just want to say Hi and thanks for joining my group Lou :). Robert

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