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Sep 02, 2006
10:44 AM
Hey guys, I'll soon be ordering upwards of a hundred vehicles from CinC and could use painting advice.

I love the detail I see in the models, and really don't want to mess them up with a bad paint job.

I'm looking to put a single colour paint job (desert or olive drab) on them with black wheels or treads. I would prefer not to have to prime them or anything or put on 6 coats of this and that. They just need to be "alright"

Can I use a normal brush? Is it best to paint model peices separate?

All help is appreciated...I need a nice battle group to kick all your asses :)

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Sep 02, 2006
12:54 PM
I just went with a light coat of paint, out of a spray can. I didn't fool with airbrushes, but if you want a really detailed model, an airbrush would be the way to go. If you just want to paint them for gaming, spray can paint, dab the wheels, headlights and other details, and you can brush camo on as well. They'll look just fine. If you took the time to detail paint each one, you'll never get gaming with them. They don't need primer, either. The purists might gag on this advice, though.
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Sep 04, 2006
2:12 PM
What should I use to glue down the turrets of my AFV's?
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Sep 04, 2006
2:46 PM
If you want to turn the turrets, leave them loose. I do that for three reasons: I like the look of aimed turrets, they're easier to pack with them off, and when they get totalled on the battlefield, I lay the turrets next to the vehicle as if they've blown off. if you want to glue them down, simply superglue them after you paint them.
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Sep 04, 2006
4:11 PM
I've never had a problem with the fit of the turrets on CinC AFVs or tanks. In fact, I've found that there is less "flash" and better fit in CinC products than in GHQ or any of the others. CinC makes a crisper, cleaner model, with almost as much detail as GHQ. For the price and quality, CinC is a better option; unfortunately, GHQ has a wider selection, and is constantly updating. CinC has somewhat stagnated the past few years, much to we gamers dismay.
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Sep 04, 2006
5:52 PM
Thanks. Are all turret slots the same size for most vehicles, IE could I take a LAV turret and put it on a canadian cougar or grizzly AFV?
or a lav turret on a m113?

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Sep 04, 2006
7:15 PM
The pegs generally are different sizes depending on the vehicle, I guess so you don't accidentally mix-up the turrets. You can always do mods on the vehicles, a little research and an Exacto or Dremel tool will do the job. I've swapped barrels, turrets, even hatches and fuel tanks to represent different vehicles or factory upgrades, even built a few fantasy "what ifs".
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Sep 24, 2006
8:41 PM
Cool. I'm getting an order soon and will be leaving them turrets loose, unpainted for now.

How does one paint wheels without getting the chassis of the vehicle sploched with black paint?
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Oct 01, 2006
1:02 PM
I would suggest, for speed's sake, some of the spray military enamels for the main color.

If you use any acrylics you may want to use a sealer to keep the paint from rubbing off.

For tires and such, use a dark gray (charcoal) as many actual blacks are too emphatic for 1:285 scale. I usually don't worry about armored vehicle track pads as they're really there to keep from messing up peace-time training area roads. A brush in the 00 or 000 size (unless it's a Floquil series 770 which doesn't point well) shoud do well for minimum details you're talking about.

I'm also relatively lazy where it comes to the BPI, and they generally are just sprayed one color with crew served or special weapons getting some paint to make it easier to find the MG, AT, and AA teams.

And what color to paint is up to you. I vaguely remember an article from one of the Arab-Israeli wars where the Israili's were taking US supplied vehicles, painting them with a heavy white primer (to cover the US Forest scheme) and driving them in convoy off of paved roads resulting in a local dust color.
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Oct 08, 2006
12:00 PM
RCAC: I have a tacky glue that works very very well. It holds the turret to the hull, and allows for 360* rotation. I have a CinC Panther hull with a PzIV turret glued on as a test model and the glue has not lost either its holding strength or elasticity in two years. I am ltcebj on eBay and you can contact me via eBay messages or through/on this board.
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