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My first models
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Oct 10, 2006
4:48 PM
I Have put in my first order for some vehicles, and sent in my payment. I have ordered as a start:

20 LAV 25's
4 LEO 2A5's
4 LAV C's
6 Hmmwv with 50 cal
6 hmmvw shelter carriers

Once I get them, I will likely order about a regiment's worth. I will be sure to post on what my next steps are, as I am using these models to test some force structures.

Maybe some gaming too, I have some interested friends.

Just a little update.
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Oct 11, 2006
8:10 PM
Ahh yes, many more LAV's... more leopards as well.
I'm reallllly excited.......
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Oct 13, 2006
3:50 AM
I can only assume this is a Canadian force so I assume your using the Lav's as The Lav3 the leo's are great units and this should be a fine force for my south africans to smack around real soon. Great choices and happy painting
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Oct 13, 2006
5:23 AM
Yep. I will be using the LAV as a LAV III,haven't been able to find an actual LAV III model. Same goes for the mercedes g wagon. The leopard 2's area a hypothetical replacement for our up armoured Leo 1's.

Thanks for your comments, talk soon.
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Oct 13, 2006
11:17 AM
If you have any problems RCAR, let me know and I will park my U.S.S. Enterprise Carrier group just off your shore to help give you some air superiority.


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Oct 14, 2006
4:23 PM
Rcac send me your email address to shawnhstry@netscape.net i have some info for you on canadian force mini's
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Oct 14, 2006
8:30 PM
Email sent.

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