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Oct 13, 2006
3:41 PM
Havng created a nearly 2 division sized SAAF military force i have decided to move on to an even more obscure force of units. I plan to make 2 Armored Battalions of Tunisian Forces based on the french battalion model using their rather scattered type of units. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress and its composition

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Oct 19, 2006
6:38 AM
Semper Fi

Do you build 1:1 or 1:5
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Oct 19, 2006
4:56 PM
Right now I have a 1 to 1 SADF division and working on the second as we speak. My tunisian units wil also be 1 to 1
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Oct 19, 2006
10:43 PM
What are you going to use for Tunisian infantry?
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Oct 19, 2006
10:48 PM
Not really sure but prolbably isreali or maybe french as they seem to have alot of french weaponry in their inventory. This is in its infant stages at the moment so I am open to suggestions

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