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Dec 09, 2006
4:55 PM
Just wondering who does it, and what can be done etc. with regards to using different turrets on tanks and AFV's.

I have some Avenger humvees missing their missile turrets. I was wondering though, do the stinger turrets fit on a Lav 25 model? I know that the 50. cal systems from the humvees do, what about the missiles? What other types of turrets can I put on a Lav chassis, at least in theory?


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Steel Arrows
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Jan 16, 2007
11:38 AM
I buy extra parts directly from CinC. I bought last year turrets from their AML-90 line to be mounted on the ERC-90s for the Lynx version with short 90mm. And for use the V150 for the 90mm fire support fro my Mexican army. I had to precion drill the hole due to the larger turret ring required for the AML-90 turret to the V150. I got turret from the Israeli HVMS 60mm M113s mounted on the Canadian Cougar 6x6 FSV for my Chilean army. The 90mm long gun from ERC-90 fit the LAV-25 chassis for the Pirahna 8x8 FSV for the Chilean's LAV. I had to precion drill the hole due to the larger turret ring required for the turret. The turret from the LAV-25, I have mounted on the V150 4x4 for the V150S version. When considering modifications for certain vehicles. Take the time to research the design. Look for matching turrets from other figures to create the desired version of a vehicle. Some figures may require you to make a larger turret ring. Consider also the depth of the turret to fit evenly and to rotate cleanly. If you drill too deep. The turret may get tangled again a portion of the model's detail. Like the vents or the top hatches which are some time raised.
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Jan 20, 2007
6:59 PM
Those are good ideas. I have used the AML turrets from CinC and other guys for V-100/150, ERC, and on EE-9 & EE-11 vehicles, on Piraha 6X6, ratel hulls, and I am sure a few others.

I've done a bunch of kit bashing, glad to help. Some have been posted here already and other treads at this site.
Steel Arrows
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Jan 25, 2007
7:51 PM
Conversions From CinC Parts & Figures:

AML90 90mm Turret to ERC90 - ERC90 Lynx

AML90 Turret to V150 - V150 90mm FSV
(need to bore larger turret ring and recenter)

ERC90 90mm Lng Barrel to LAV25 8x8 & Cougar 6x6 - LAV 8x8 & 6x6 90mm FSV
(need to bore larger turret ring and recenter)

M113 60mm HVMS Turret to Cougar 6x6 - Pirahna 60mm FSV
(need to bore larger turret ring and recenter)

M151 1/4 4x4 M60 Manned Lmg - Add to UH-1s and Uh-60s for Door Gunners

M1025 Hmvv .50cal Hmg or M60 Lmg ring mnt. to German MAN Trucks.

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