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John Mag
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Jan 08, 2007
6:37 AM
I support your price increase. I hope that the extra revenue will allow you to updaate the product line and possibly do something about the flimsy gun barrels. Good luck and thank you for your contribution to the hobby.

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Jan 08, 2007
3:04 PM
...Yes,whatever it takes for CnC to stay in business by price increase is certainly justifiable by me.
Now,about this gun tube issue. I know that CnC really has GTs that true to scale,but I for one would like to see those GTs "beefed Up" scale or not. GHQ has out of scale Gts but ,hey they look great. I recently bought a company of CnC PzkwIIIm's. I had to cut off all the Gun Tubes and replace with music wire. There is NO WAY you can game with the cast ones. Sorry this is not a REAL complaint or a put down,just what needs to be said. Those tanks are REAL GEMs. As a matter of fact I will post them on Thunder's microarmour site for those that care to view.
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Jan 09, 2007
1:07 PM
JB: Please provide URL. Also exact kind of wire. How do you insert it into the solid turret/mantlet? Thank you.
"The only constant is change. Get used to it.": Noah Vaile
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Jan 09, 2007
3:05 PM
Thuders Micro Armour site is
I'm sorry that I didn't post pics yet. I'm just a little too busy at the moment but I will in the next couple of days.
The "music" wire I got from the Model RR shop. Its close to the diameter of the 50mm gun tube. Now music wire is really tempered and needs a sturdy set of cutters. Also after cutting you need toSmooth off the end that is to be used for the tube end,or it will look bad. I use a Dremel tool with one of those cutting type wheels just to smooth it straight. As for drilling I have some very small bits that you can get a Ace hardware. I can't tell you the size because I don't know it. I just generally "eye" it up vering on the small side for starters. Also to start where the hole should go start a pilot hole with a "needle" or the bit will "travel. Another thing too, don't even think about using a "power" type drill, use a pin vise. Before drilling mark off the depth on your bit with a marker so you drill the same depth. This helps out a lot when doing more than one.

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