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Victory at Sea?
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Jan 23, 2007
8:22 AM
Is anyone playing Mongoose Publications' new WW2 naval rules, Vicotry at Sea? They are fast play and seem to be creating a stir here in Austin, TX. They are probably not a set of rules for gamers who want a lot of detail, but for those looking for a faster play system.


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Jan 23, 2007
3:21 PM
I got online for info about the game. It looks interesting, so I ordered a set from Warweb.com. Right now they are $5.00 off.
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Jan 24, 2007
9:21 AM
One of the odd/interesting things about them is that they allow for Carriers to be on-board. This is a little weird, and I'll have to play it to see if I like it, but if the rules have any legs, this will mean an increased demand for carrier models.

Any plans for Japanese carriers in the future?

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Feb 06, 2007
6:43 AM
The game mechanics for Mongoose'e Victory At Sea is based on their Babylon 5 Space Combat game. I did get a copy of VaS, but I have yet to play the game. I will be setting up a scenario later on this month after Winter War for my fellow 'gamers to try out. If you go to Mongoose's web site, you can download for free their monthly magazine, S & P for Wargamers. In the magazines there have been several articles about the game. I do think that the smaller scale of ship miniatures will be better suited and will look good with this set of rules. (hint: need more 1:4800 ships!) I think that this set of rules is not for those who like rules that are mico-managed. I will try and stick with General Quarters for the rules that I do use.
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Feb 06, 2007
1:41 PM
Time to plug my Yahoo Group again LOL. This Group is for those of us who like to use 1/4800th scale Naval miniatures for wargaming all eras. Please feel free to post rules,pictures of ships and any other info to help play battles with this great scale! Robert


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