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C-in-C in the USA
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Mar 27, 2007
3:18 PM
Hi, I'm from the UK and am going to be in the US for 10 days from the 13-22 April in the state of Alabama then driving to Washington.
I was wondering if anybody knew of any suppliers/shops that hold C-in-C models in that area or any shows on where C-in-C maybe for sale?
I have e-mailed C-in-C direct a number of times but never get an answer!!
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Mar 27, 2007
4:36 PM
Sorry I cant help you, but im sure some here can...and yes i notice they never answer emails, which leaves me sorta sad considering I have an outstanding order with them...
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Apr 18, 2007
1:12 PM
I am not sure that CinC still has much in the way of retailers out there here in the USA. I haven't seen any for years. Wargames Emporium in England is noted as carrying a full line of CinC product but that may be dated.

Alnavco may carry some CinC and they are in Belle Haven, Virginia.

I have never had a problem in terms of not getting an answer from CinC. I don't always get an answer right away but that is because Brad and Randy actually have lives. The mere fact that CinC still exists and is growing more than makes up for any slowness in email response. I believe it is primarily if not exclusively an online company now.
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Feb 20, 2021
10:51 AM
Just revisiting old posts....
Hope you had a wonderful visit Steve.
"The only constant is change. Get used to it.": Noah Vaile
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