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1:4800 ships
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Jul 18, 2003
9:38 PM
Any plans to complete/extend/diversify these ships?

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Aug 07, 2003
5:41 PM
I own numerous WW1 1:6000 ships and love them. I would love even more to own all WW1 fleets in the 1:4800 scale. You make them...I buy them.

I would pretty much say that is also true for WW2 fleets as well.

Last Edited by Gene on Aug 07, 2003 5:42 PM
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Sep 03, 2003
11:30 AM
Since 1/4800 ships will be added slowly (I presume), how about expanding on the North Atlantic Ships first. USS RANGER, WASHINGTON, WICHITA and some US DDs (Sims Class was used in the Atlantic a lot) as well as a few "what-ifs", add the early French Ships, and the the Italian as we expand into the Med... the Pacific would then have a start from the ships made, and the Japanese and other US/ABDA ships could be built in then.

Just a thought. Don't omit the Russians, even though they were not big naval players.
1:4800 Ships
Oct 20, 2003
9:03 AM
I really think your 1:4800 is some of your best ship minis yu have done! I like them better than 1:6000 and I would also fill out the High Seas Fleet and the Grand Fleet with 1:4800 Dreadnoughts! I own every WW2 one you make and would gladly do the same for WW1.


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