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Modern Micro Armor Largest Game Ever
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Jul 03, 2012
1:36 PM

I up for it as long as I know well in advance. Are we looking at a few days to play out the battle? Sure hope so, I think it would be a blas.

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Nov 13, 2012
6:03 PM
Paul, hope to have the logistics trail catch up with me and my forces...so that you may also be supplied. Is a date around Dec 15 good for you to play. Perhaps also have Rob, Mick, Robin, Andy, etc involved. Might be smaller than initially hoped for...getting on a hardwood floor all day(even with knee pads) may not be so fun.
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Apr 06, 2014
5:05 AM
Rapier 2014. Russia invades the Ukraine... oh, its not a what-if senario
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Apr 07, 2014
6:39 AM

You planning on running that at Rapier? I'm going to try and make it if possible.

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May 20, 2014
12:13 PM
I'll See if I can make it. I think i have to travel the next day early so it will depend on that.
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Nov 08, 2014
7:53 AM
Paul, The games at Historicon was GREAT!!! I did get to meet Allen Rockwell, who designs terrain and some vehicles for different scales. He provided some building to use, if you recall. Hopefully we can play again real soon.
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Jul 08, 2015
7:43 PM
I understand, Paul, that you are building your forces. Rather extensive, capable in multiple dimensions of military capability. Go smack Mick around. My guess, you may be in the top 15 = 20 in terms of vehicle numbers in the country. Probably a few around the country that do not pull theirs out any longer.
What do you have a US division in 1-to-1 scale. What about your second NATO divison? Then what about your Warsau Pact division?
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Aug 04, 2015
5:25 AM
Hey Chris,

Other than needing some MLS and M109's the division is complete. I suspect Apache and Blackhawks are also a little light but in time. My German forces has most of 2 brigades done. The third will probably be short one tank battalion.

Warsaw Pack I have most of one division, need a few T-80's and BMP-3. Then I will have a couple regiments of T-72 and BMP-1's. Once I finish the T-80 division I will start working on getting some T-64's to form up another regiment.

I have a ton of stuff to paint so it might be a while before I get some of the above completed.

It sounds like Mick still has me beat on the US side. He probably has a couple hundred more M1's than I do.
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Nov 24, 2015
7:58 PM
When you guys talk about a division or brigade at 1-to-1 scale are you talking just combat vehicles or do you have support vehicles as well? My staff nerd OCD wants to include every jeep and truck and C2 vehicle in the unit even though I know they will never see a gaming board.
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Dec 08, 2015
6:09 AM
Hey redleg,

I primarily do the combat vehicles. There is a small pool of support vehicles but they are 15-20 fuelers and the same number of flat beds. A few deuce and a halfs.

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