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Dec 22, 2014
2:45 PM
Not certain if this is appropriate, but before I buy at retail I would like to see if any forum members have some unpainted Arab-Israeli vehicles, unpainted 1/2400 ancient ships (which are no longer in production), unpainted World War I aircraft, and/or unpainted World War II aircraft they would like to sell. A list with descriptions or codes would be ideal. Either reply here or send me an email to preds81 at yahoo.com.

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Dec 30, 2014
9:00 AM
Bump! Trying to get a response to my list above.
Gaming the Forgotten War
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Jan 14, 2015
6:43 AM
Keep checking someone should be selling.
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Jul 08, 2015
7:32 PM
Might be able to help. Email sent.

Last Edited by chrisswim on Jul 08, 2015 7:33 PM
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Dec 26, 2015
5:11 PM
I have gotten from an estate 600+ ships in both micronaughts an 1:250(?)
I have counted 219 carriers of which I have made a list of names and I am still sorting the rest. These models have no stands and are not painted.I also have 226 small tanks and 23 trucks and armored carriers. I have some pictures and can mail a list to anyone that is interested.

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Jan 01, 2016
4:41 PM
I'm not interested in a huge lot that big, but if you are interested in selling smaller lots I might be interested. can you please end me a list of hat you have? My email is on my profile.
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Jan 03, 2016
5:56 AM
I received an email with a huge list of ships, but the ships I am looking for are the ancient ones, not WWII. :(

Still would like World War One aircraft, and potentially AIW vehicles.

Chrisswim, I must have missed that email...are you able to resend?
Ambushed in the Alley
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Jan 16, 2016
1:51 PM
I'm interested in the vehicles as long as they are 1/285. My email is on my profile as well.
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Jan 19, 2016
10:19 AM
Darn it, I keep forgetting to get with Chrisswim about what i want. Gotta do that tonight!

Ambushed in the Alley (15mm Force on Force/Tomorrow's War, 1/285th Check Your 6!, and other periods I game)

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