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New Modern Aircraft and Armor for 2016?
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Feb 24, 2016
9:31 PM
I have several hundred modern aircraft and armor pieces that I've amassed over the years. And about half of the models are C in C. Love the HUMVEE's, F-15D and the F111. To name a few.

Wondering though, if we'll see any new modern 1:285 pieces in 2016? Been waiting a long time for something new or at least some of the out of stock items return to in stock status.

Any update C in C could provide would be greatly appreciated.


PS- An A-6 Intruder, Su-27 and a Su-34 would be awesome!
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Feb 25, 2016
12:42 PM
I agree!
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Apr 11, 2016
2:16 PM
Hey Guys,

Email Randy. Some of the planes I was looking for said out of stock but he has them.

Would love to see the F-22.



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Apr 28, 2016
6:34 AM
Would love to see old and new releases from CinC, like the ancient naval ships!

Ambushed in the Alley (15mm Force on Force/Tomorrow's War, 1/285th Check Your 6! (Korea, Spanish Civil War, and 1948 Arab0Israeli War), and other periods I game)
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Apr 29, 2016
7:46 AM
Let's hope we get something new this year.

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