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New survey for new models for CinC
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Steel Arrows
70 posts
Apr 29, 2010
3:08 AM
Greetings Forum Members,

Recently CinC has sent out an email conducting a survey voting for 3 catagories for potential new productions.

Message from CinC:
What single item would you most like to see us release in the following categories:

1. Modern Aircraft -
2. World War II Aircraft -
3. World War I Aircraft -

If you are a subscriber to the Newsletter from CinC and received a message regarding this survey. I suggest that you post a vote for a new model for each category. This is an opportunity to be heard. Vote carefully for what figure you would like to see made. I hope that this will lead to more than just the aircrafts. If you have not yet signed up for a newsletter subscription. By all means get signed up. CinC has always done there very best to bring you excellent figures for over 30 years that I can remember.

Yours In Gaming!
"On The Way!!"

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22 posts
Aug 12, 2010
9:16 AM
For WWII: FW 189A-2
8 posts
Nov 15, 2010
11:15 PM
I don't care
Stinson L5 Sentinel, I'd like to get my TF commanders over the battlefield
AN2 Cub

sfc mac

A K1A1 would be nice
64 posts
Dec 13, 2010
9:12 PM
I agree with scfmac. I want a L4 or L5. I don't really care which.

Now, a P61 I would kill for. I don't even do air combat games anymore but I would buy two... Love those things.
12 posts
Dec 23, 2014
9:10 AM
World War One - there are many, but based on numbers used, the Nieuport 17, Albatros D.V, and the Pfalz D.III are needed.

Early war one could easily add the DH.2 and FE.2. Also, the BE series saw a lot of service.

For WWII - again, there are many, but the P-38, BF109E, I-16, and Ki-27 are major aircraft that would cover a lot of years.

For modern - Well, I like Korean, so Yak-9s and F9F Panthers would be great
Gaming the Forgotten War
269 posts
Jan 13, 2015
11:30 AM
I want a T-90 from CinC. Then a few more of the modern aircraft would be nice. Also a plow for M1's.
2 posts
Jan 13, 2015
3:19 PM
Paul the other "micro armor company" mine plows will work on C in C M1 Abrams....I added them to mine
271 posts
Jan 14, 2015
6:42 AM
Hey medic86,

Will give it a try. I would love to have some of M1A2's with plows.
658 posts
Oct 21, 2015
1:27 PM
Yes they will, as I have several mine plows on CinC M1A2/M1A1.
2 posts
Nov 04, 2015
5:26 PM
I'd like to see an M-10 Tank Destroyer with duckbill turret. Also would like to see spare roadwheels, jerrycans, spare track links to customize my minis.
276 posts
Nov 12, 2015
7:22 AM
I'll again vote for the T-90 and now F-22.
Gordon Tweddle
1 post
Aug 30, 2016
12:25 PM
Like to see some new WW2 items especially softskins.
l like the idea of separate tarps on the trucks so you can put loads in.

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