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Late Summer Special Offer

Sep 10, 2009

We have tried a number of sales strategies this year in response to the trying economics. Some more successful than others.

Perhaps its just everyone spending a last bit of summer with family, or getting the kids ready for the new school year, but sales took a serious drop mid-August to now. While things may pick up tomorrow, the level of sales threatens the very process of trying to keep a quality product at a reasonable price viable.

Sales to Europe are particularly hurt by high shipping costs and
duties. However, any incentives to increase sales overseas should also go to domestic customers.

This new incentive until the end of September:
20% off all orders until Sept. 30th 2009.
Mail-orders postmarked by Sept. 30th with check/mo may still use the additional 5% for non cc payments.

Free shipping up to $50.00 on all orders. Present shipping rules remain the same above $50.00.

Thank you again for your continued support.