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Happy New Year from PFC - C in C

Jan 2, 2010

We have seen a lot of new customers with the December discount.

It seems important to us that we continue to encourage the smaller orders since so many are short of funds for hobbies. The schedule for January will be 10% off even small orders with additional discounts for higher volume orders as below. Foreign orders will continue to be charged 1/2 actual shipping charges.

A reminder - orders paid using check/money order are eligible for an additional %5 discount.

January Discount Schedule:
$0 - $80.00 - 10% Discount
$80.01 - $200.00 - 10% Discount
$200.01 - 400.00 - 15% Discount
$400.01 and up - 20% Discount

USA and Canada
$6 for the first $100 of order
$4 for each $100 or part of thereafter

Foreign Orders
50% off actual shipping costs

Please note that all orders are FOB (freight ownership begins) Minneapolis, MN USA. We have seen and increase in claims of lost packages and the cost is significant. If you wish to insure your order, please email the service@pfc-cinc.com address with your request.

Part of the change in discounts is in response to the banks charger 5% to 6.5% on each credit card transaction (including debit cards). To save the interchange fee, just complet the order, print 3 copies (keep one for your records) apply the discounts and shipping, and send the check/money order. If there are any Out of Stock, refund will be made with your order.

Since the metal cost is not going down and the plastic boxes and foam are oil-based and always rise, we are working on new pricing. The more metal intensive items are most likely to rise, but I hope to offer company packs to reduce the packaging cost per item and keep our products as affordable as possible.

Thank you to all our customers for their continued support.

Happy New Year