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November 2010 Update

Oct 31, 2010

C in C products have always been a leading indicator going into a recession and a following indicator coming out. Since the miniatures are not a necessity and we can always play with what we already have, this is not surprising.

Absent special discounts the last 2 years, sales suffer. Some have worked better than others. Also, everyone seems to react to negative news quickly and there has been plenty of that. the present discount is an additional 5% for October.

Sales were particular sluggish in late September, that combined with suppliers requiring payment in advance led to some challenges that we've only recently been able to address in the second half of October.

The present volume discounts are:

$40.01 to $80.00 = 10%
$80.01 to $160.00 = 15%
$160.01 to $240.00 = 20%
$240.01 and up = 25%

Shipping and Handling:

US and Canada - $4.00 up to $50 gross, add $2 up to $100 gross and then $4 each additional $100 beyond that

International - 1/2 of actual cost except for Australia and New Zealand.

We will be extending these terms for at least November. They are working and the sales increase is needed to keep us going.

Thanks for your support.