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Ordering Information

Please Note:

All retail orders will receive any applicable discounts prior to being processed. All payment processing is done at the time the order is shipped. Pfc - C in C does not back order items, every attempt will be made to ensure that all items listed as "in-stock" are available for shipment. Occasionally, items may become "out of stock" and we may, at our discretion delay shipment of your order for a few days in order to fill your order completely. If the item will not be back "in-stock" in a timely manner, we will adjust the order total to reflect the missing items and ship the remainder. Any decrease in the overall order total due to "out of stock" items will not result in a decrease of the Discount percentage.

Orders will typically ship in 7-14 days.  If there is a problem with product availability on items in your order, we may contact you to advise you of a revised timeline. Recently we've noticed some delays in orders sent to Canada due to the reduced number of entry points for customs.

Your checkout page will NOT reflect any discounts applicable to your order, but rest assured you will receive them prior to the processing of your payment.  We hope to offer the discount amounts in the ordering process in the near future.

Dealer orders will receive the appropriate discount based on their dealer agreement.


Current Special Shipping Terms (US Orders Only):

$0 - 20.00 - $4.00

$20.01 - $50.00     shipping 0, discount none

$50.01-$100.00     shipping $6.00, discount 10%

$100.01-$200.00    shipping $10.00, discount 15%

$200.01 and up    add $4.00 per $100 gross, discount 20%

Orders to Austraila and New Zealand - $18.75 for orders up to $25, actual cost above

Orders to other foreign locations - $12.50 for orders up to $25, actual cost above

 . All orders are FOB Fridley or Princeton, MN USA.

Foreign PayPal orders MUST add the $12.50 to the order payment or it will not be shipped. Some people have failed to pay the shipping after being informed of the amount.


Orders we've shipped in the last month have been typically costing somewhat less than the rates quoted here in the table.  Please use this table as an estimate only, actual rate will be determined at the time of shipping by the USPS.

Normal Retail Discounts - Based on Order Amount prior to Tax and Shipping

5% additional discount for orders paid with check or Money Order.

$20.01 to  $50.00 / no discount

$50.01-$100.00 / 10% discount

$100.01-$200.00 / 15% discount

$200.01 and up / discount 20%

All orders are in US Funds.


Most products ship with some spares of small or delicate parts.  If you find you are in need of limited spare or replacement parts, we will happily provide those at no charge on your next order, just let us know what you need.  Our goal is to give you the tools to create quality miniatures at a reasonable price and we understand that sometimes you might need a tank turret because your "friend" bounced your new tank.