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Site Updates

Here we will keep a running list of what's changed in the C in C website.

7-12-19   Reopened webstore with remaining product lines - link provided to Legions IV Hire

11-15-16  Moved MF-64 to In-Stock status

9-26-16    Moved MS-56 to In-Stock status

3-15-16    Moved UK-47 to In-stock status

1-4-16     Moved G-67 to In-stock and UK-47 to Out-of-Stock status

12-2-15    Moved MF-709 and MF-713 to in-stock status.

12-26-12   Moved ACC-28 and ACC-29 to in-stock status.

10-7-12     Made SEM-30 available for order.  Photos for SEM-36 to SEM-40 and ASF-20 to ASF-25 added.

10-1-12     Added SEM36 through SEM-40 and ASF-20 through ASF-25

7-29-12     Added SEM-33 through 35 Pictures

7-7-12       Added SEM-33 through 36 to Solar Empire Marines

3-13-12     Added SEM-26 through 32 to Solar Empire Marines - Pictures added for 19-32

1-7-12        Added SEM-19-25 to Solar Empire Marines - Pictures to follow

10-25-11    Added SEM13-18 to Solar Empire Marines - Pictures to follow

10-14-11    Returned IT-2 and ACC-17 to In-Stock status.

3-28-11      Added R-102, R-103 & MS-85 to product listing.  R-29 back in stock

3-10-11      Added Solar Empire Marines to product listing, including backstory and history.

8-23-10      Returned MF-14, MF-42, MF-51, MF-116 and MF-117 to In-Stock status.

5-20-10      Added new Science Fiction products, sampler and Sci-Fi special.

4-26-10      Returned MS-5 and MS-42 to In-Stock status.

12-2-09      Returned MF-521 to In-Stock status.

11-11-09    Returned US-25 and US-26 to In-Stock status, announced 1/2 off shipping to destinations outside the US and Canada.

11-8-09       Added new German and US "Company Packs" to the Specials page.

11-7-09       Posted November 09 gift certificate specials on the newsletter page.

11-1-09       Added MS-83 and MS-84 missile sets.

8-10-09       Added Russian Tank "Company Packs" to the Specials page.  More to come.

4-23-09       Returned US-102, G-14 and R-6 to stock.  Release April newsleter.

3-29-09       Returned G-40, MF-117 and R-93 to stock.

2-13-09       Returned MS-2 and MS31 to stock.

8-21-08       Returned ACC-26 and ACC-27 to stock.

8-18-08       Returned G-54, R-43, UK-2, UK-3, US-46, US-65, US-66 and US-91 to stock.

8-1-08        5% Discount Ends.

2-03-08        Returned US-94, US-95, MF-36, MF-92 & MF-94 to stock.

1-03-08        Returned R-7 to stock.

12-28-07        Instituted 5% post holiday discount until further notice.

12-19-07        Returned US-74, N-1 and MF-715 to stock.

12-4-07        Returned R-96, P-4, A-1, ACC-6, ACC-18, I-1, I-3, US-65 and MF-509 to stock.

11-16-07        Returned MS-8, MS-9, MS-51, MS-58, R-89, US-101, G-67, G-76, G-102 and MF-29 to stock.

8-26-07        Returned MF-7, MF-37, MF-38 and MF-82 to stock.

8-01-07        Free Shipping Ends. New adjusted shipping rates go into effect based on USPS increased costs.

5-26-07        Returned MS-8, MS-58, MS-51 returned to stock. Added new item MS-77 to WWII Germany Aircraft. Free Shipping promotion begins.

3-31-07        End of 5% holiday discount.

1-4-07        Posted new 2007 print order form in PDF format with all new pricing.

1-2-07        Posted new 2007 print catalog in PDF format with all new pricing.

1-1-07        Adjusted all prices to reflect new 2007 pricing. Posted Randy's letter about the new pricing on the front page.

10-23-06        Returned UK-35, UK-36, & UK-37 to "In-Stock" status.

10-5-06        Added ACC-35, ACC-36, ACC-37, ACC-38, ACC-39 and ACC-40 to catalog and New Releases Page.

8-27-06        Placed MS-51, R-43, US-44 and US-85 in "out of stock" status.

8-5-06        Placed MS-33 back to "in stock" status.

7-23-06        Placed MS-15 in "out of stock" status.

6-12-06        Placed G-33, ACC-13 and ACC-20 back to "in stock" status.

6-12-06        Placed A-1, G-33, and MF-126 in "out of stock" status.

4-7-06        Returned US-102 and A-1 to "In-Stock" status.

4-2-06        Returned S-1, ACC-18, MF-82, MF-117 and MF-120 to "In-Stock" status.

2-10-06        Took A-1, I-3 and ACC-18 out of stock for new molds.

1-19-06        Added Paper Catalog and New Order Form to Downloads Page. Took MF-42 and MF-82 out of stock for new molds. MF-53, MF-58, and MF-98 returned to In Stock.

1-15-06        Added the Convention Calendar feature for displaying convention information.

1-8-06        Added images to the ASF Sci-Fi Line and also images for the MS-75 & MS-76 rotors.

11-13-05        MF-38, MF-58, MF-117 & MF-713 placed in out of stock for new molds.

10-26-05        S-1 & F-1 placed in out of stock for new molds.

10-05-05        R-6 returned to In-Stock.

10-05-05        ACC-17 and MF-522 placed in out of stock for new molds.

9-29-05        R-8 returned to In-Stock.

9-19-05        MF-709, MF-715, R-6 place in out of Stock for new molds.

9-19-05        ACC-22 returned to In-Stock.

7-14-05        MF-505 returned to In-Stock.

5-25-05        MS-6, MS-9, US-16 & US-61 Returned to Stock, New molds and aircraft redesigned.

5-25-05        ACC-16 Stone Arch Bridge returned to stock.

3-23-05        Added ability to create logins to remember shipping and billing information. Credit Card information is NOT stored.

3-20-05        Made product codes visible in the product listings.

1-25-05        Added new discount level for orders of $1000.00 or more.

1-15-05        Added downloadable mail order form to site.

8-20-04        Returned MS-4 and MS-19 to "In Stock" with new 2 piece rotor designs, added MS-75 and MS-76 rotor sets for replacement on older models.

5-23-04          Added Avenger HMMWV to New Releases Page

5-11-04          Added new Japanese Tankers to New Releases Page

9-18-03          Added Specials page and new Axis & Allies tank sets

8-9-03            Returned Renegade Legion Fluttering Petal to stock

5-20-03           Added photos to Accessories, and Modern Small Country Listings

4-30-03           Newsletter and May Special Posted

4-13-03           Posted newsletter subscription solution to Discussion Group page

3-11-03           Added photos to Modern and WW II Aircraft Listings

2-18-03           Added photos to 1:285 Accessory and Renegade Legion Fighter listings

2-17-03           Added photos to some German WW II Listings

2-16-03           ACC-15 Pontoon Bridge - Back in stock and available for order

2-13-03           Added photos to US WW II listings

2-5-03             Added photos to French, Canada and Russian Modern Armor sections

1-27-03           Added photos to US Modern, Italy, Poland, Japan and French WWII sections.

1-23-03           Completed the WW II and WW 1 Aircraft sections.  Entire C in C line is now available online!

1-21-03           Added Modern Micro Squadron and pictures to Squad Leader Items

1-16-03           Completed WWII Micro Armor Listings, Added Photos to Russian Modern and WWII Listings

1-14-03           Added UK and US WWII Micro Armor Listings

1-13-03           Added German WWII Micro Armor

1-12-03           Added photos to some Renegade Legion and 1 N-scale Listing

1-7-03             Added 1/2400 WWII and Modern Ships and 1/1200 Ancient Ships

1-6-03             Added 1/4800 Ships, Science Fiction Micro Armor, Completed Modern Micro Armor and Squad Leader

1-4-03             Updated stock status on some items, completed Russian Modern and French Modern

1-1-03             Added US Modern Micro Armor and most Russian Micro Armor, and Accessories

12-31-02          http://www.pfc-cinc.com opens with N-Scale and Renegade Legion products available